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FAQs related to all issues on, you can find most answers regard presell, orders, aftersell etc., if you can't find your answer here, please feel free to send email to for help


Q: How many days you guys need to make the ring?

A: If you ordered a non-custom ring, we usually need about 5 days to make it if this ring is not instock. If you ordered a custom ring, we need to make a completely new ring for you, which takes about 7 business days

Q: Is your champions ring top quality?

A: Yes, only sell top quality championship rings. All our champions rings are solid, very heavy, 3D design, all details are very clear to see, all czs we used are AAA top grade, all czs are prongset by our 10+ year experienced jewellers, not glued.

Q: How is your after-sell service?

A: RingofChampion offer 100% customer satisfaction service, you can get your money back if you didn't received the ring or return the ring for refund if you are not happy with it.

Q: Is your ring a 1:1 high copy of original?

A: Yes, our ring is a 1:1 high copy of original, it's round about 30x28mm and 60g.

Q: Is your ring protected or coated to avoid skin discoloration?

A: Yes, absolutely! Each of our copper ring is specially coated with 14K gold or rhodium plating to prevent oxidation and discoloration, which in turn prevents your skin from discoloration.

Q :How long will the plating last for copper ring?

A: That depends on how regularly the ring is worn and what type of activities you do with the ring on (gardening etc.), the plating on our ring is about 6 microns, it can last a lifetime for collection.

Q: How much will my ring cost?

A: Our championship rings start at $195.00, we offer free shipping to all countries.

Q: Why is your ring expensive than others?

A: We understand you can get champions rings from other place from price US$10 to US$500+, I believe you will not regret to pay about US$200 to buy our champions rings, RingofChampions ring only make top quality, we offer 100% customer satisfaction service. All material we use are top grade, we take care of every details of the ring. From our customer's feedback you can see they are happy to buy our ring, and most of them want to buy the champions rings from again

Q: How do I know if my ring was sent?

A: There will be a shipping notice with tracking number sent to you when the ring was sent.

Q:How to clean my ring?

Cleaning the rings is simple, but you do need to be careful so that you do not harm the finish.

1. Moisten the soft cotton cloth. Use warm, but not hot water. The cloth needs to be damp, not sopping wet. If your jewelry is particularly dirty, put a single drop of mild dish detergent on the cotton cloth and squeeze it several times to work the detergent through the cloth.

2. Wipe down the ring with the moistened cloth. Do your best to limit the number of times you rub the ring because every polishing movement is incrementally decreasing the life of the gold plate